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-Flat Panel TV Mounting
Wall mounting service for Flat Panel or Flat
Screen TV, including: LCD, Plasma, LED,
Digital Signage & PC Monitor.

-Tabletop TV Setup
White glove setup, connection and education for your Rear Projector, DLP, Flat Panel or Tube TV.  

-On-Site Consultation
Not sure what you want or need help to figure
the best solution? We'll come to you.

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-Projector Packages
Packages to mount your projector and screen with your bracket/mount or an Honest Install supplied bracket/mount.

-Projector Installation
No screen necessary or have the screen up
already, no problem just deduct -$85.
-Screen Only Installation
Installation of wall or ceiling mounted projector screens.

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-In-Wall Wire Concealment
Conceal wires and cables within the wall and/or above fireplace from your TV to your devices/components.

-Electrical/Power Outlet
Relocate or install new electrical outlet hidden behind your TV or for your devices. 

-Cable Drop
Relocate or install new cable/satellite line (co-ax), data/internet (cat 5) or phone line.

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-Speaker Installation
Speaker Installation for pairs or individual indoor/outdoor speakers

-Sound Bar Installation
Expert installation for your virtual surround

-Surround Sound
Installation of customer provided 2.1, 3.1,
5.1 or 7.X surround systems

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-Setup & Configuration
May include connecting components,
configuration, programming, teaching...

-Troubleshooting/Service Work
Is your system not working like it should, let us handle the diagnosis

-Furniture Assembly
Assembly of entertainment center, media
furniture, TV stands and/or home theater racks

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-Take Down/De-Install
Professional removal and wall restoration service
for your flat panel TV

-Moving Down the Street
Professional removal, transportation and wall restoration service for your flat panel TV

-Moving Out of Town
Professional preparation and packaging of your
flat panel TV for the long haul

-Electronics Recycling
Home or office removal, haul away and recycling
of your old TV's and electronics

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Which install/setup is right for you? Apartment, Home, Office or Business.
Take a look at some examples:


| A1 | TV w/ External Raceway

A wallmounted  Flat Panel TV and a cable
"Raceway" a simple plastic channel that
disguises the cables from the panel down to
your media devices. Color matched to the
wall/decor, the Raceway, is either attached
with industrial Velcro, thick double sided
foam strips or small anchors, no cut-outs or
large holes in the existing walls are necessary.
If the home owner can supply the wall paint
Honest Install can color match almost any
cable-hose or Raceway to your decor.

| A2 | TV up Top, DVD Below

Wall mount your TV at eye-level and place
the DVD, cable/satellite box, etc. beneath it,
but off the ground. A backer-board is placed
right beneath the TV and glass shelves were
mounted to it. All the wires are concealed
behind the wall and the co-ax is brought in
from above to connect to the cable or
satellite signal. Clean and simple!


| A3 | TV Stand = 0 Holes in Wall!

All we had to do here was choose a spot where
an existing electrical outlet was. We then 
assembled the TV stand, mounted the panel
to the stand then the TV & media devices are
plugged into a surge protector and protector
into the wall, which is hidden behind the 
No holes had to be drilled or wires run within
the walls. When the tenant chooses to move all
they have to do is un-plug the power cord and
off they go, onto their
next place. We can also
assist in disassembly and de-installations.

| A4 | TV Stand w/ Surround Sound

Here we see the home owner decided on a DVD/Surround Sound  "all-in-one" system to go
with their  52" Plasma TV. An all-in-one is one console that, most often, functions as your
DVD, CD Player, Radio-AM/FM tuner and comes
with multiple Surround Sound speakers. Here we
see two front speakers and a pair of tall or "tower" speakers in front of one another. Plasmas are generally heavier than LCD's due in large to the screen itself. The screen on a Plasma is glass but on an LCD it's plastic so they opted for a heavy duty
TV Floor Stand with built in media shelves.

| B1 | A Modern Look

Here a monitor is wall mounted using a Low-
Profile Bracket. The customer then has
requested that the surround sound speakers
(front left, front right & center) be mounted
on the wall with the TV. The back left, back
right & subwoofer speakers are mounted
directly opposite (out of photo) of the wall
with the TV. The media devices are then
placed on a modern, Swedish-style low
table and the audio/video cables are
run down to it.


| B2 | Fireplace Installations

A very popular choice for most home
owner's, the fireplace is usually the focal
point of the room. This installation can be
achieved one of two ways:
1.) When there's a drywall above the mantle, we mount to the wall with your choice of bracket.
2.) In homes with brick, stone or masonry we
use a ceiling mount that extends the panel
down from the ceiling (directly in front of the
fireplace) using a small diameter pole. This way
the wall is undamaged and the fireplace can
still be fired up, if desired.


| B3 | The Italian Job

If the home owner desires a unique and
minimalistic look we can create a "box" that's
made from wood that steps out from the wall
and then flush mount your Flat Panel
including shelf space for media storage and
your audio/video devices. Everything looks to
be built-in and hidden A totally
one-off/custom look. On this particular 
project the "box" or entertainment center was
finely sanded and finished in a deep Italian
red, off-site, and then installed in the
customer's home. 


| B4 | Plasma in the Basement 
A room usually relegated to storage or just
to do the laundry this basement, with the
addition of a few media components, is
easliy turned into a Media Room. Since
access space above this room was very
limited due to the bedroom directly above
the owner decided to place the media
devices in a long media cabinet directly
below the Plasma TV. All the cords and
cables were disguised in a short in-wall wire
run from the screen down to an outlet hidden behind the media cabinet. Speakers were
mounted to metal stands that adorn the
media cabinet on both sides and the speaker
wires were hidden between the base boards
and carpet.

| B5 | Home Theater on a Budget

Everything was recessed-mounted in this install 
and fabric faceplates placed over the recesses.
The media devices (i.e. DVD, DirecTV, Tivo)
are hidden away on a home theater rack in a
nearby closet, around the corner. The sensor for Remote Repeater Kit is placed behind one of the rectangular fabric screens located below the TV. This Repeater Kit allows the use of any standard remote control and transmits the command from the room to  the media devices hidden in the closet.

| B6 | A Museum Piece

Here is a Flat Panel mounted underneath 
the home owner's custom shelf/mantle.
Next to the panel is a piece of artwork,
slightly larger in size to the monitor. 
Both the monitor and painting are on
drawer-like slides so the owner can slide
the artwork in front of the TV when they
desire to hide it.


| C1 | Dual Screen Setup

Here we see a commercial installation.
Besides bank lobbies, the next most popular
setup for commercial settings is a dual
panel configuration. This one is located
weather department of a broadcast news
station. The panels are not only hooked
up to the normal satellite feed but also
to the laptops below through an HDMI
(High Definition Multimedia Interface) or
DVI (Digital Video Input) cord/cable to
run computer programs and place data
on the two large screens above the users.

| C2 | Hotel Suites w/ Bedroom Flats

A hotel example. The operator of the 
resort  wanted Flat Panel TVs in the all
the bedroom suites but mounted high enough
so guests were discouraged from hooking up their
own devices or game systems that were often
left behind by accident causing the property
much time in the way of expenses and
investigations to try to reunite them and then
ship back the left-behind electronics.

| D1 | TV in the Bath, Anyone?

Ever missed a crucial play in your favorite
game cause of a bathroom break or ever
want to watch the news rather than read a
newspaper in the restroom? Whether for a
commercial setting or your residence we can
place a panel even in the restroom. Mounting
in front of the sink, in view from the tub or in
front of toilet is a great  way to keep up
on business while doing your business!
| D2 | Custom Work, TV Frame

This is where our creative juices get flowing.
Most installation companies or
"Home Theater" firms sub-contract their
installers and they work out of a truck or their
home but at Honest we have our own
fabrication facility specifically for creating
custom work. Whether it's a decorative frame
around your TV, a motorized panel that
appears out of nowhere with a touch
of a button or a custom painted detail to
match your decor, trust Honest Install.

| D3 | Pop-Up Furniture

A Pop-Up Flat Panel TV Console. This smart entertainment cabinet houses your Plasma
television out of sight. Then with the push-
button ease of remote control operation, a lift
mechanism raises the TV to a full viewing
height and lowers it back down into the cabinet
when you're done. It accommodates up to a
50" wide monitor. The front storage
accommodates most DVD players with
additional storage shelves available on one
side and pull-out media library trays on the
other. Call for details.

Hyatt Regency Richardson, TX - Virtual Concierge Device

Ft. Worth (CVB) Convention & Visitors Bureau - Virtual Concierge Device

Cement Fireplace with Symmetrical Cable Raceway

Angled brick Fireplace with Cable Raceway 1

Angled brick Fireplace with Cable Raceway 2

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