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Tyron Smith: Media Room, Home Gym & Gate Access Phone

"We moved into our new home and there was already a simple media room in place. They had some outdated equipment and a sound system with large speakers that stick out from the wall and a basic projector with a white screen. I used it for a few months mainly for my PS3 and to watch TV but knew I wanted something more personalized eventually.

I don't have a lot of spare time off the field or away from practice but I wanted the best when it came to my media room because when I do have free time I tend to spend it checking out new movies and all the new game titles out there.

With more and more PS3 games coming out in 3D I really thought it a good time to convert over to a 3D system. I met Honest Install through my Interior Designer and they came highly recommended, we immediately got togetherto assess the media room and toss some ideas around..."

"I had a picture in my head: I wanted a futuristic, modern look yet not too outlandish. I did not want any speakers or subwoofers showing outside of the walls or on the floor, just a very clean and sleek look. We essentially wanted to upgrade both the equipment and the design of the room.

The JVC projector Honest provided is top notch and whether in 2D or 3D mode it is an awesome improvement over the old one. Honest recommended a special 'Black Diamond' Screen for us, together with the JVC Projector it makes for my very own home cinema experience.

The day I returned from training camp was the first time I saw the room fullytransformed, I immediately threw in the new 3D Batman game and I was blown away by the realism and richness coming from the Black Diamond Screen and the 3D projector. With this special screen I don't have to sit in the pitch-black to game anymore, I can actually have the lights on and still see the screen almost as good as with the lights off. The Black Diamond allows me to use the room with more flexibility. Before with my old setup I had to turn out all the lights just to get a descent picture on the old screen, which limited my use of the room, now with the Black Diamond Screen the room has been transformed into a true multi-purpose space that I use for movies, TV and gaming."

"Since our room features double doors in the middle of the rear wall Honest chose to install two in-wall subwoofers, on each side in the back of the room in order to balance the low frequency sound. The dual in-wall subwoofers are awesome! You can hear every little detail. All those hard hits and tackles, when watching a game, remind me of the real thing. The bass sounds so smooth because they found a way to get rid of any wall rattle.

Honest also tied my lighting controls into the easy to use, touch-screen universal remote they gave me and so now all I have to do when starting a movie or when I'm done for the evening is press one button on the remote and all the equipment automatically starts up or winds down and all the lights fade off by themselves. Before I had several remotes to deal with and three or four lightsswitches to manually operate.

I also love all the Apple integration they did for me so I can do the Airplayfeatures with my iPhone and my iTunes account, I can stream my music library to the media room wirelessly and order movies directly from iTunes right on the AppleTV screen. We also get Netflix in the highest quality through AppleTV.

I spend so much time in the room my next improvement that Honest will tackle for me will be to help me with my home work and the ability to watch and review my game footage right on the projector instead of having to strain to see them on a small iPad screen."

"My expertise is on the football field and so I know what guys like me like but not necessarily how it all works, Honest took the time to continually ask our opinion and keep us in the loop about the process and they were able to extract my vision. The open communication was refreshing and they were always readily available anytime we needed something.

The pricing from Honest was very fair we actually expected to pay much more and we were highly pleased with the overall outcome. Whenever I have a question Honest is always there for us, they are so friendly and personal, often times we've been able to text whenever we need something and get an immediate response back. I could never do that with my other installers or a big-box store.

I had many comments from friends and family that if they had a room like ours they would never have to go to a movie theater again. One of my friends did not want to leave the room the first time I showed him! Everyone from sales to the technicians at Honest are all hands-on and very accommodating, they've really become like friends to us. I highly recommend Honest Install to anyone who wants quality and service, they will be my exclusive installation company."

Honest Install wishes to thank Mr. Tyron Smith.

About Tyron Smith

Tyron Smith of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys plays offensive tackle and is currently assigned to left tackle. Tyron Smith was drafted to the Dallas Cowboys in 2011 in the first round and has the distinction of being the 9th overall pick in the entire NFL draft for 2011. Initially Tyron Smith, #77, was assigned as a starter in the right tackle position, for the 2012 NFL season the Dallas Cowboys switched Tyron Smith to left tackle. Tryon Smith has a four-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys.

Tyron Smith attended USC (The University of Southern California) where he received numerous accolades for his performance as an offensive lineman.

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